The COFFEE-Project is an international experience for young participants to exchange the love of making Coffee.


Exploring other cultures and landscapes, connecting with other coffee professionals to find new points of view on coffee and life, improve education in the coffee field... this are the challenges that brought a group of different associations and companies together to cooperate and find the best answers to those wishes.


We are 14 organizations from 10 different counties (DE, HU, BE, ES, IT, LT, UA, CO, BR, ID) and we built this online learning platform so that you could be the most confident coffee professional out there.
Our goal is to make you a highly skilled, confident and knowledgeable coffee professional. While developing this platform we will look together for the best ways how to instruct and motivate a lot of people through the internet. We want to create a space where everyone feels himself invited to share their talents, know how and expertise on coffee.
Our group is made of NGO´s active in the youth field, various companies and a school institute and we are happy and open to any new collaboration.


The project started in January 2016 and there will be various meetings in European and extra European countries, E-courses online and other free material to read and download. Key element is for us the international experience and exchange between all the people that will enter in contact with us. 

You will find on this webpage new material that will guide you on a journey through all the stages of the coffee processing chain, from the plant to the cup. There will be videos, interviews, informations that come both from coffee trainers and from companies that know better how the coffee market works.