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Trieste is the next Coffee Project location. Youth from Europe are going to meet to participate to the next Coffee Campus to learn about business models and CSR - Corporate Social Responsability for coffee sector. During this unique campus the Coffee Skills Program education will be done on introduction to coffee, green coffee, sensory skills, coffee roasting certifications. In collaboration with Associazione Caffè Trieste, Bloom Coffee School, Umami Area the coffee campus is organized by Starkmacher in Trieste during Triestespresso Expo exhibition, from the 24th to the 29th October 2018. The objectives of this mobility are to train youth about CSR, how to set up a coffee business model in coffee roasting and coffee shop business, attend the Coffee Skills Program certifications by Specialty Coffee Association. These objectives translate into empowered workplace opportunities as well as improved quality and recognition of youth work and non-formal learning, enhancing so complementarities with other education systems. 



24 October 2018 - Arrival in Trieste, welcome dinner


25 October 2018 - Triestespresso Expo first day

- Coffee Skills Program: Introduction to coffee workshop

- Social Business and Responsible Enterpises: Coffee Industry and Social Entrepreneurship

- Coffee and Business: Potentialities and Challenges

- Practical Workshops in collaboration with Triestespresso Expo


26 October 2018 - Triestespresso Expo second day

- Coffee Skills Program: Green Coffee foundation workshop

- Reinforcing self-esteem and ability to focus and achieve business goal

- Setting up a new coffee start up: Strategy, People, best practices

- The CSR - Corporate Social Responsability applied to coffee sector

- Building block of the Business Model Canvas

- Business Model Canvas Best Practices and Examples

- Practical Workshops in collaboration with Triestespresso Expo


27 October 2018 - Triestespresso Expo third day

- Coffee Skills Program: Coffee roasting foundation workshop

- Roasting sessions: roasting for espresso and filter and how to modulate your cup profile through the roasting process

- Heat vs temperature: quality control at lab level with IKAWA

- espresso cupping session


28 October 2018 - Bloom Coffee School

- Coffee Skills Program: Green coffee workshop

- meet the farmer: the best farming practices for specialty coffees

- Coffee Skills Program: Sensory skills foundation workshop


29 October 2018 - Bloom Coffee School

- Coffee Skills Program: Sensory skills foundation workshop

- Conclusion of the program and greetings


Coffee Formation in Mannheim - Germany

The activity of the COFFEE project is being prepared, co-funded by the European Commission, thanks to the well-established partnership between Starkmacher eV, the German NGO leader of the project, Area Umami, technical partner in charge of the educational part of the project, and other partners of the European Union.

The activity in May 2018 take place in Mannheim, Germany, at the headquarters of Starkmacher e.V. has concentrated its professionalism and resources, for the opening of a Social Business Hub. The latter has been designed as a permanent school for Social Entrepreneurs, willing to confront themselves and grow in an open and collaborative environment, thanks to the creation of open working spaces, designed for interaction and exchange. Precisely for this reason the program of the activity will be a mix between technical and professional notions in the field of coffee, and interactive workshops, exchanges and study of best practices of those who have opened social business in the world of coffee. The program, studied over 5 days, foresees two days dedicated to 'Social Business and Responsible Enterpireses: Coffee Industry and Social Entrepreneurship' and 'Business Model Canvas and Entrepreneurial Mindest'; two days dedicated to the Roasting module of the Specialty Coffee Association's Coffee Skills Program and a final day of exchange and presentation of the work done during the first two days. Supporting the program will also be the Micro Roastery Agata, open for more than a year, which has focused its business on high quality coffee and product traceability. In fact, Agata will host the Roasting lessons and will be a beautiful testimony of Best Practice in the world of youth entrepreneurship. Participants in the activity will be mostly young people working in the coffee industry or looking for new employment and business opportunities. The project therefore, besides being a good training opportunity, is also a good bridge between education and the world of work itself. The project partner organizations are: Istituto Carlo Porta (Italy), Unilinkus (Lithuania), Social Academy (Ukrainian) and Made in Italy (Hungary).


Umami Coffee Camp - COFFEE Project Indonesia 2017 part 5

Mobility in Indonesia

Umami Coffee Camp - COFFEE Project Indonesia 2017 part 4

Mobility in Indonesia

Umami Coffee Camp - COFFEE Project Indonesia 2017 part 3

Mobility in Indonesia

Umami Coffee Camp - COFFEE Project Indonesia 2017 part 2

Mobility in Indonesia

Umami Coffee Camp - COFFEE Project Indonesia 2017 part 1

Mobility in Indonesia

Andrej Godina e Nicola Scavo - Orangutan Coffee Project SUMATRA

Mobility in Indonesia

Videoclip Umami Coffee Camp - COFFEE Project Sumatra 2017

Mobility in Indonesia


youth worker Mobility in Indonesia

Mobility in Indonesia


Mathias from Starkmacher was visiting El Salvador

Elisabetta from AGATA KAFFEE - Mannheim is one of START UP from COFFEE PROJECT

First event was in Florenz

Fazenda CALIFORNIA - coffee farm Paranza, Brazil

Mobility in Brazil

COFFEE Project in Brazil: Fazenda di Piraju

Mobility in Brazil

COFFEE Project in Brazil: Fazenda di Piraju

Mobility in Brazil

Umami Kaffee Camp HONDURAS 2016 - coffee nursery

On the second day, after the first SCAE system examination, the participants visited the nursery of the cooperative. Here, they learnt about the whole coffee plant cultivation process. Then, the coffee lovers selected the suitable beans that eventually will give birth to healthy coffee 

Umami Kaffee Camp HONDURAS - wet mill Isidro Lara

The entire mornings of the fifth and sixth days were dedicated to the meeting with two very active local producers within the cooperative: Isidro and Panchito. Both of them produce a high quality coffee and over the years have been able establish direct relationships with buyers around the world. Both of them have implemented and improved the system of processing of coffee beans, from the initial stage until the drying stage in the drying rooms, built near their houses. Thus, the participants of the Campus had the chance to experience the coffee processing with small-scale machinery. The meeting with the local producers was particularly appreciated, as it has allowed the participants to get to know closely the lives of coffee farmers, with the challenges and joys of a small-scale producers. The day then continued with lectures of SCAE Trainer.

Umami Kaffee Camp HONDURAS - Capucas solar drier

On the third day, coffee professionals visited Café Solar, the part of the cooperative, devoted to the drying process of the coffee beans. It is a fairly complex process, which must take into account many factors, such as humidity, temperature and careful selection of the best beans, which thus requires a lot of manpower. They had the opportunity to do this work in the coffee sample they collected during the first morning of the Camp. This latter continued with the lessons on the different CDS modules. However, all of this, with a good specialty coffee espresso to start perfectly the afternoon.

Angelica Madrigal - SCAE CDS Colombia